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Mondrian Style Art, Frogger Style Gameplay
Totally Free. Totally PC.

You're not not hearing things - the game still has no music or sound effects.
Game does NOT install any CRAP (spyware, adware, malware), nor does it track you.
© 2007 - Version 1.1 (not final)

Hell yeah I'm still working on Mondrian!
What's it been, a year? When you're 40, a year is NOTHING.
The music and sound integration has been improved drastically. Thanks to the stylings of Christopher Bly, audio may now be the best feature (new version not available for download yet).

I just created a custom version for The Torontotron, an indie game arcade cabinet created by The Hand Eye Society. Look for it around Toronto, it's amazing. New version features lives, high scores, and 8 levels. Cabinet debuts at Canzine 2009, which coincidentally is today. Hope everyone likes it.

God willing, full blown "Mondrian Provoked" (featuring 1000+ levels) will be available next year.
Is it 11:35am? That means GameCamp Toronto is running on schedule. Well done.
I'm presenting a short history of "Mondrian Provoked" at GameCamp Toronto 2. It's going to be incredible, possibly informative. I needed a haircut, hopefully no-one notices.
I was invited to present at the Artsy Game Incubator's Round 2 Open House. The games created by the AGI members all showed amazing creativity. They are really onto something here, and I look forward to playing future creations.

I'm hoping to use this kitty as a background image...

v1.1 was mentioned by Play This Thing!. Truly an honour, it even garnered some comments.
Working on different play modes for Mondrian. Most of them a lot of work. Most of them ... failures.
Apparently, the gameplay may not be as original as I thought. Way back in 1983 (!), it appears Brix used a similar idea, although I've never played it. First Pac-Mondrian, now this. What's next? Frogger doesn't count since it features a frog.

Like Mondrian Provoked? Try Pushies Plus 2 v2.
According to its creator, it was inspired by Pushies.
Neither was inspired by my game.
Where did February go? Can anyone tell me? Seriously, I'm freaking out here. Needless to say v2.0 is not ready. Not ready in any way, shape or form. Don't judge me.
Improved website. Finishing the final version of the game (Mondrian Provoked 2.0). It should be ready February 1, 2008... or later. Revisions will include new music by Christopher Bly, progress tracking, and new levels. With a little luck, I might be able to include a multiplayer mode.
Titles considered before "Mondrian Provoked":
The Mondrian Double Cross
Toute le Mondrian
Resurrecting Mondrien
Embracing Mondrian
Dodging Mondging
Mondrien Awakens
Mondrian Knot
The Mondrian Twist
Mondrian's Pretzel
Lines! Lines! Lines!
Stained Glass
Posted the game at TIGSource - an awesome website about awesome indie games. For the sake of prosterity, I am preserving some text here:

"It turns out that I've arrived late to the Mondrian party. Pac-Mondrian was created in 2004, and plays just like you would expect. Next time, I'm choosing the ugly guy from the Group of Seven."

"Keeping the Mondrian "look" required some tricks. When horizontal walls meet horizontal walls, they actually overlap (examine the screenshots). This ensures that wall outlines never get doubled - which would cause thick lines resulting in very un-Mondrian moments. The same overlap ruled is applied when vertical walls meet vertical walls. Hopefully Piet appreciates the extra work he caused me."
Finished v1.1. Created website. Posted game for free public download.
XBOX 360 controller no longer required - you can now use keyboard or mouse.
Game now supports all video resolutions (800 x 600 onward).
Title screen no longer makes me want to vomit.
You're not not hearing things - the game still has no music or sound effects.
Download Version 1.1
Finished v1.0. Submitted it to Gamma 2007 celebration held in Montreal. Shortage of projectors, stellar submissions, and overlooked genius conspire to prevent v1.0 from being shown. While you can download this version, I wouldn't. Among other things, it will fail unless an XBOX360 gamepad is plugged into your PC.
Download Version 1.0
Started designing & programming Mondrian Provoked. It's going to be submitted to the Gamma 2007 celebration held in Montreal. They want low resolution games (max 256 x 256), with bizarre aspect ratios. Game design fits that perfectly. It's due end of day November 1.
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